About Mendouche Lamri Companies Group


Mendouche Lamri Companies Group (GML) is a group of companies specialized in the fields of: construction, real estate promotion, public works, irrigation, ready mixed concrete production, import & export and investment. The group is owned by Mendouche Lamri, who also serves as the General Manager of the group.

The first company of the Mendouche Lamri Group was founded in 2002, it was a public works, construction and irrigation enterprise. In few years, the company gained great experience in its field through the completion of several projects varying from housing projects of hundreds of social appartements, public facilities in several municipalities in the state of Setif, including headquarters of municipal police, civil protection, municipal guards, customs, tourism and cultural projects, swimming pools, schools and university structures. Additionl to that, there are major projects in progress: formation and training center for community officials, school of fine arts, security barracks in El Eulma, two swimming pools in Algiers and other projects. With the expansion of the projects and the needs for accompanying companies, starting from 2012 new companies were established to meet these needs, forming a strong corporate group with a great momentum of development and growth. In that year Ichrakat Elhidab Import & Export was born, then ready mixed concrete batching plant is founded. In 2016, the group established the real estate development company, and in 2017 EURL MEGA INVEST was established.
The group becomes constituted of five companies seeking to develop the group's operations, and give it a leading position in the field of contracting in many disciplines.

In the short and medium term, the group aspires to diversify its activities in other areas, especially investment in the industrial and food production, and to strongly participate in the development of the national economy and reduce its reliance on imports.


The group currently employs more than 350 staff members in all levels and disciplines, and with this team of young people, it seeks to grow and develope, relying on the continuous training of the staff, the use of the latest technologies, and the steady commitment to deliver high standards services in a timely fashion.

Equipment and material capabilities

Concrete Batching Plant

The group has a ready mixed concrete batching plant, with a capacity of 60 m³, and a daily capacity of 320 m³. The plant equipped with:

Trucks and Automobiles

The group has more than 25 trucks and automobiles of various types ranging from:

Heavy machinery and equipment

The group has several heavy machinery ranging from:

Construction equipment

Electric generators, scaffolding, and various construction equipment.

Subsidiaries of the Group

Ready Mixed Concrete Batching Plant

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Real Estate Development Company

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Public Works Company

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Ichrakat Alhidab for import and export

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