Ready Mixed Concrete Batching Plant

The ready mixed concrete batching plant is a subsidiary of Mendouche Lamri group. The production unit is located on "Fayed Yahya" in Guedjal Municipality, Setif State.

The plant has been active since February 18, 2013, and has managed in a few years in gaining a good reputation and a leading position in the local market, enabling the unit to market its products to all across Setif State.

The unit's production capacity is 60 m³ with daily capacity of 320 m³. The unit employs 32 workers, ranging from administrators, technicians, drivers, operators and multi-function workers.

The ready mixed concrete batching plant has a well-equipped quality control laboratory run by a qualified engineer, to monitor and improve the quality of concrete. As a result, our products always acquire the trust and the satisfaction from our customers.